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MedSeas Catholic Journeys

MEDSEAS is a leading boutique travel provider of pilgrimages cultivated in the Catholic faith. Our special journeys are a unique blend of faith, culture and history. We walk the ancient paths of saints and knights visiting the storybook islands of Malta, the beautiful wine regions of Friuli and Umbria, the great Saints of Italy and Sicily, the fortresses of Rhodes and Crete and walk the third oldest pilgrimage in Christendom; the Camino de Santiago.

Our guides bring the past to life as we travel through these ancient lands to the resting places of the martyrs, to the monasteries and hill towns of the great saints and walk the fortresses of the knights who fought and gave their lives in defense of Christendom. Every element of your journey, from restaurants to accommodations, is meticulously selected to enhance your pilgrimage experience.

A pilgrimage is shared with friends and we focus on making your journey a special experience by keeping our groups small with our set trips (custom pilgrimages up to 45).  Each day of your journey with MedSeas we will celebrate Holy Mass. We have many wonderful priests who join us on our pilgrimages or if you are traveling with us as part of a private group, we will make arrangements for your spiritual director to join you at no expense.

From Venice to Valletta and the Mediterranean Sea to the Aegean Sea you’ll be immersed in the history of the Church with new experiences and a fresh appreciation of our faith and the treasure house of Catholic history. Our signature program, Malta – Journey to the Islands of Knights and Saints… is where it all began and we invite you to take a look at our unique pilgrimages and join us as we discover pilgrim trails together.

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