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The MedSeas tour of the Island of Malta was outstanding in every respect. The attention to comfort and logistical detail by Esther and Bill Williams could not have been better. This was coupled with tour resources such as historian and author Dane Munro and Ray DeMicoli the restoration architect of Fort St. Elmo who made the trip unforgettable for those of us who are fascinated by the history of the Order of Malta and the island which was their home for so long.

Geoffrey Gamble KGDH Ob, Rome, Italy

Thanks to Bill Williams’ deep appreciation for the history and traditions of the Order of Malta and Esther Williams’ intimate knowledge of her native Malta, MedSeas puts on an impeccably organized tour that gives travelers access to sites and events they would never be able to access independently.

G. Philip & Victoria Hughes, Millwood, VA

My wife and I traveled to Malta with MedSeas in September of 2014. On our journey we worshipped in many historic Churches, we learned more about this beautiful island and its people, and we dined on the delicious local Mediterranean cuisine. MedSeas also gained us access to many people, buildings and events that we would not have been able to access on our own. Honestly, the best travel experience we have ever had!

Tim & Lana Westcott, Lafayette, LA

Many companies advertise the uniqueness of their tours. MedSeas LLC delivers. They are attentive, caring and personally involved in making their tours not only memorable but spiritually enriching. My participation in the Saints, Knights and Wine tour exceeded all my expectations.

Hal Jopp, Greensboro, MD

I took the Saints, Knights and Wine tour in the fall of 2015 and would love to do it again. We visited Order of Malta sites, wineries and shrines not usually available on other tours. The schedule was full but not exhausting. We stayed at only 2 lodgings (one of which was an amazing villa) so packing and repacking was minimized. On this tour, I felt like a guest and not a tourist.

Janice Klich, Hampshire, IL

I can’t speak highly enough of MedSeas and their annual pilgrimages to the beautiful and Faith-filled nation of Malta. Compared to other European nations, Malta doesn’t get a lot of attention, but Catholics seeking a place where the Faith is taken seriously need to check out this beautiful, historical island nation in the Southern Mediterranean, and MedSeas is the perfect place to start.

Andrew Dunn, Philadelphia, PA

The trip to Malta with you was the BEST! We enjoyed it and learned so much. We will never forget it!

Simi Forsyth, Reisterstown, MD

Dick and I had a wonderful trip to the Island of Malta. We saw sights and entered places where few people are able to go. Being with a native Maltese lady opened many doors for us. On another tour, this time to Italy, we saw the beautiful wineries owned by the Order of Malta. Castel Bernardo was breathtaking.

Dick and Theresa Martter Dallas, Texas

During my senior year of high school, I was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Malta over the summer with my classmates. This was in no small part due to the efforts of Bill and Esther Williams. The Williams were brilliant in finding us a place to stay for our visit as well as planning some of the local events. Esther went even as far as to negotiate the price of a horse and carriage ride for myself and three of my friends. Bill was full of info and insight about the history of the island and led us to beautiful places such as the breath taking Azure Window. Together they helped make an already amazing experience an unforgettable one.

James McCloskey, VA

Some of my favorite experiences on the Malta trip were only made possible for me by my tour guides, Esther and Bill. Not only did they enrich us with their knowledge on the island of Malta throughout the entirety of our bus rides, but they also made it possible for us to experience a mass in St. Paul’s Catacombs, to delve into the ruins of a Roman bathhouse, and to explore several other historic Maltese sites that were otherwise not normally opened to the public. Esther and Bill’s cheerfulness carried our group throughout the week we were there, and allowed us to experience much more of Malta than your average tourist would ever have seen.

Mary Margaret Olohan, VA

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